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Growing up in a small farm town, the importance of farmers was ingrained in me at an early age. I can tell you how to de-tassel corn and why crop rotation is important. My wife was actively engaged in 4-H for six years as a child and raised multiple types of livestock. I know farming is not easy work. It is made more difficult by burdensome government regulations. In addition, large corporate farms are able to produce products at lower cost and undercut prices, damaging small family farms.

Local farms are critical to the economy of the 10th district and are woven into the fabric of so many small towns throughout south central Pennsylvania. I will fight to increase funding for grants and low interest loans directed toward local farmers as well as advocate supporting cooperatives that allow independent farmers to join together to pool resources. In addition, we need to cut regulations that overly burden local farmers. Together, we can pass common sense legislation that levels the playing field and allows small farms to compete with the large farm corporations.   

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